White Buffalo Vapors Review

The White Buffalo vape shop has a lot to offer. Dripper mods, Atomizers, E-Liquid, you want it – they have it. I walked in about a month ago and I bought a bottle of Crimson Cloud. I’m into fruit flavors. That’s my personal preference. Once I tried Crimson Cloud. My life was complete. It’s hardcore fruityness is crazy. It’s the fruitiest flavor I’ve ever had and I love it. There’s two pics of the bottle at the bottom of the post.

I’m gonna switch it up a bit and not do the whole pro’s and con’s thing. So let’s go.

A quick description of Crimson Cloud. Imagine taking Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, and every fruity thing out there, and combining it all into one liquid.  That sounds fucking fruity. They have other fruity flavors as well such as “Amber Butterfly” and “Pink Elephant” Funny thing is, I’m always calling it “Pink Flamingo” As flamingos are pink while elephants aren’t. Weird huh? The guy in the vape shop is like “Don’t worry about it, I hear it all the time.” Unfortunately, White Buffalo Vapors doesn’t have a website where you can order juice off of. White Buffalo is located in downtown in New Haven, CT. Which means little to no parking. So if you go there, and don’t see a spot. You’re screwed. But, if you do see a spot. Be sure to bring change! You’ll need it for the ole’ parking meter. It’s better to go there if you took a bus to get downtown then walked there.  (It isn’t far from the stop. Not even a block.) Let me name just few things I like about this shop.

  1. Customer Recognition – You walk in, the first thing you get is either a “Hello” or a “Hi! Welcome to The White Buffalo!” That is one important thing that I look for not only in vape shops, but in small, non chain stores.
  2. Customer Service – You get treated like a member of the community. Not just an ordinary customer. They don’t try to sell you anything to make you spend your money. If you give them a price range, they have tons of options. So you’re not stuck on one thing. The employees are very patient. (I have a bad stutter issue) The person who helped me out (I believe his name was Max) said “Take your time, I have all day.” He didn’t also try to finish my sentence either. Do you know how many times people try to finish my sentence and it’s the exact opposite of what I was trying to say? I find it rude too.
  3. Price – I could be wrong. But I believe it’s 8 dollars for a 15ml bottle, and I think $10 for 30ml. Which isn’t bad at all compared to this country’s economy haha.

So in all, this is an okay vape shop. My only dislikes about it is the parking, and the fact that every time you go in there, you almost choke to death due to the fact at how foggy it is. Plus all of the different scents from the flavors are mixing so it’s even worse.

But that’s all for today guys! I tried to keep it meaty but short.


See ya guys! Vape on!


Crimson CloudCrimson Cloud 2

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