My review of Shaun’s Three Cream Steam from Vape the Habit

Before I start this review, this post is in memory of Shaun Bianch (November 11, 1988 – October 24, 2014) He was a very cool, outgoing, and open minded person. If there wasn’t a juice there you liked, he’d bend the rules a bit and make a custom juice for you. He actually filled my tank for free after I bought juice so I wouldn’t use it. Rest easy Shaun. This one post from his guestbook sums up everything I said

“Shaun you always stood out by your amazing personality and ur kind heart. Those of us who got to know you and meet you at the vape store were very lucky. You were always so helpful and helped me make up my mind on a flavor seeing how I could never figure out what one I liked most until u made me my own flavor and making me feel special because u named it Jamies jam. You will be missed by so many people it brings me to tears to no you are gone but you will never ever be forgotten rest easy Shaun and we will eventually in time meet again.” -Jamie W.

This is for you, and your brothers at Vape LLC.


Here we go, I’ll start with pros and cons.


  • Tastes and vapes great (tastes like a banana pudding/custard.)
  • The name just fits, you know?
  • The best part.  40% of all profits made from this juice go to Suicide Prevention.
  • You get a huge bottle for the price you pay.


  • It’s a bit pricey $30 is a bit much for premium liquid in my opinion.
  • It’s one of those flavors those get old after a bit. I will vape it and I will finish this big ass bottle for you Shaun.


Shaun's Three Cream Steam


Above: “Shaun’s Three Cream Steam – Premium E -Liquid”

Below: “This Premium E liquid was a recipe from our lost vape brother, Shaun Bianchi. Mixed and bottled with love and care by Vape LLC, East Haven, CT. 40% of all profits will be donated to suicide prevention.”





Shaun's Three Cream Steam 2


So in all, this is a great liquid. You can buy it here (opens in a new tab)

Thanks guys!



EDIT: The piece in my guestbook I wrote got approved. I wrote

“Shaun, You were my favorite guy at Vape. I wouldn’t go there unless you were there because you bent the rules for me. My favorite memory of you was me buying a bottle of e juice, and I asked if you could fill my tank. (I was new at the time.) You said no problem and you went in the back room. I was confused because you had asked me what flavor. I said Smarties and you said okay. Thing is, I didn’t even buy Smarties I bought Ice Berry. You filled my entire tank for free after I bought a bottle. You walked up to me and said. This is our secret, okay? I agreed and never told anyone till now. Shaun, you will be missed. Rest easy man.”

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