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Oh no! My o ring is lost! What do I do?

Well, you have two options. You can use either plumbers tape, or dental floss. Whenever I need an makeshift o ring, I use plumbers tape. It looks like thisplumbers tape

You can get a 43 foot ¬†roll at Lowe’s for $1.33 here

I’m 100% sure you all know what dental floss looks like so I won’t even post a picture of it, you can probably get some at Walmart for maybe $2 or less. Cheap. All you do, is take one of the two, and wrap it where your o ring was. It’s trial and error. If it won’t fit, take off some. If it’s too lose, put more on. Simple. Do you have any suggestions for a makeshift o ring? Post in the comments!

iTaste VTR Review

Before I start. I’m reviewing the newer edition, and I’ll go over how it’s newer, what changed etc.

The iTaste VTR is a box E-Cigarette. I looks great with a Kanger Aerotank, or an iTaste X.1. It can be a bit bulky I will admit. If you don’t like bulkiness then this isn’t your thing. Below, I have a comparison of the newer one (left) and the older (right)

 iTaste VTR2

Obvious things.

  • The newer one has a dark green “skin” on it as the older one is all metal.
  • (Hard to see in the pic) The gear looking thing by the bottom of the tank got taken out on the newer one.
  • It just looks better.


  • Looks great, easy to handle.
  • Has a wattage and voltage adjuster.
  • Doesn’t get scratched up as easy. (Compared to the older one)



  • Can get bulky if you have small or a lot of things in your pockets.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to take out the tank.
  • Can get scratched easy (depending on if you have the older or newer one.
  • You have to use bigger tanks. You can buy an adapter for smaller tanks.

In review

The iTaste VTR is a great device. It’s a great device for a small upgrade, or for people who are just starting out. I highly recommend this and I do use this when I’m not using my dripper.