I’m not gone!

Hello there fellow vapors! I’ve had some family issues to take care of. So I apologize for being inactive. As my apology, I’ve messaged crew juice and I asked for a sample. If they send it to me, I’ll review their juice for them. If that don’t work out, I got the Sigelei 150W with the Mutation X V4 atomizer. So anyway, it’ll be a win-win for everyone! Stay tuned folks!

Oh no! My o ring is lost! What do I do?

Well, you have two options. You can use either plumbers tape, or dental floss. Whenever I need an makeshift o ring, I use plumbers tape. It looks like thisplumbers tape

You can get a 43 foot  roll at Lowe’s for $1.33 here

I’m 100% sure you all know what dental floss looks like so I won’t even post a picture of it, you can probably get some at Walmart for maybe $2 or less. Cheap. All you do, is take one of the two, and wrap it where your o ring was. It’s trial and error. If it won’t fit, take off some. If it’s too lose, put more on. Simple. Do you have any suggestions for a makeshift o ring? Post in the comments!

White Buffalo Vapors Review

The White Buffalo vape shop has a lot to offer. Dripper mods, Atomizers, E-Liquid, you want it – they have it. I walked in about a month ago and I bought a bottle of Crimson Cloud. I’m into fruit flavors. That’s my personal preference. Once I tried Crimson Cloud. My life was complete. It’s hardcore fruityness is crazy. It’s the fruitiest flavor I’ve ever had and I love it. There’s two pics of the bottle at the bottom of the post.

I’m gonna switch it up a bit and not do the whole pro’s and con’s thing. So let’s go.

A quick description of Crimson Cloud. Imagine taking Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, and every fruity thing out there, and combining it all into one liquid.  That sounds fucking fruity. They have other fruity flavors as well such as “Amber Butterfly” and “Pink Elephant” Funny thing is, I’m always calling it “Pink Flamingo” As flamingos are pink while elephants aren’t. Weird huh? The guy in the vape shop is like “Don’t worry about it, I hear it all the time.” Unfortunately, White Buffalo Vapors doesn’t have a website where you can order juice off of. White Buffalo is located in downtown in New Haven, CT. Which means little to no parking. So if you go there, and don’t see a spot. You’re screwed. But, if you do see a spot. Be sure to bring change! You’ll need it for the ole’ parking meter. It’s better to go there if you took a bus to get downtown then walked there.  (It isn’t far from the stop. Not even a block.) Let me name just few things I like about this shop.

  1. Customer Recognition – You walk in, the first thing you get is either a “Hello” or a “Hi! Welcome to The White Buffalo!” That is one important thing that I look for not only in vape shops, but in small, non chain stores.
  2. Customer Service – You get treated like a member of the community. Not just an ordinary customer. They don’t try to sell you anything to make you spend your money. If you give them a price range, they have tons of options. So you’re not stuck on one thing. The employees are very patient. (I have a bad stutter issue) The person who helped me out (I believe his name was Max) said “Take your time, I have all day.” He didn’t also try to finish my sentence either. Do you know how many times people try to finish my sentence and it’s the exact opposite of what I was trying to say? I find it rude too.
  3. Price – I could be wrong. But I believe it’s 8 dollars for a 15ml bottle, and I think $10 for 30ml. Which isn’t bad at all compared to this country’s economy haha.

So in all, this is an okay vape shop. My only dislikes about it is the parking, and the fact that every time you go in there, you almost choke to death due to the fact at how foggy it is. Plus all of the different scents from the flavors are mixing so it’s even worse.

But that’s all for today guys! I tried to keep it meaty but short.


See ya guys! Vape on!


Crimson CloudCrimson Cloud 2

iTaste VTR Review

Before I start. I’m reviewing the newer edition, and I’ll go over how it’s newer, what changed etc.

The iTaste VTR is a box E-Cigarette. I looks great with a Kanger Aerotank, or an iTaste X.1. It can be a bit bulky I will admit. If you don’t like bulkiness then this isn’t your thing. Below, I have a comparison of the newer one (left) and the older (right)

 iTaste VTR2

Obvious things.

  • The newer one has a dark green “skin” on it as the older one is all metal.
  • (Hard to see in the pic) The gear looking thing by the bottom of the tank got taken out on the newer one.
  • It just looks better.


  • Looks great, easy to handle.
  • Has a wattage and voltage adjuster.
  • Doesn’t get scratched up as easy. (Compared to the older one)



  • Can get bulky if you have small or a lot of things in your pockets.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to take out the tank.
  • Can get scratched easy (depending on if you have the older or newer one.
  • You have to use bigger tanks. You can buy an adapter for smaller tanks.

In review

The iTaste VTR is a great device. It’s a great device for a small upgrade, or for people who are just starting out. I highly recommend this and I do use this when I’m not using my dripper.

My review of Shaun’s Three Cream Steam from Vape the Habit

Before I start this review, this post is in memory of Shaun Bianch (November 11, 1988 – October 24, 2014) He was a very cool, outgoing, and open minded person. If there wasn’t a juice there you liked, he’d bend the rules a bit and make a custom juice for you. He actually filled my tank for free after I bought juice so I wouldn’t use it. Rest easy Shaun. This one post from his guestbook sums up everything I said

“Shaun you always stood out by your amazing personality and ur kind heart. Those of us who got to know you and meet you at the vape store were very lucky. You were always so helpful and helped me make up my mind on a flavor seeing how I could never figure out what one I liked most until u made me my own flavor and making me feel special because u named it Jamies jam. You will be missed by so many people it brings me to tears to no you are gone but you will never ever be forgotten rest easy Shaun and we will eventually in time meet again.” -Jamie W.

This is for you, and your brothers at Vape LLC.


Here we go, I’ll start with pros and cons.


  • Tastes and vapes great (tastes like a banana pudding/custard.)
  • The name just fits, you know?
  • The best part.  40% of all profits made from this juice go to Suicide Prevention.
  • You get a huge bottle for the price you pay.


  • It’s a bit pricey $30 is a bit much for premium liquid in my opinion.
  • It’s one of those flavors those get old after a bit. I will vape it and I will finish this big ass bottle for you Shaun.


Shaun's Three Cream Steam


Above: “Shaun’s Three Cream Steam – Premium E -Liquid”

Below: “This Premium E liquid was a recipe from our lost vape brother, Shaun Bianchi. Mixed and bottled with love and care by Vape LLC, East Haven, CT. 40% of all profits will be donated to suicide prevention.”





Shaun's Three Cream Steam 2


So in all, this is a great liquid. You can buy it here (opens in a new tab)

Thanks guys!



EDIT: The piece in my guestbook I wrote got approved. I wrote

“Shaun, You were my favorite guy at Vape. I wouldn’t go there unless you were there because you bent the rules for me. My favorite memory of you was me buying a bottle of e juice, and I asked if you could fill my tank. (I was new at the time.) You said no problem and you went in the back room. I was confused because you had asked me what flavor. I said Smarties and you said okay. Thing is, I didn’t even buy Smarties I bought Ice Berry. You filled my entire tank for free after I bought a bottle. You walked up to me and said. This is our secret, okay? I agreed and never told anyone till now. Shaun, you will be missed. Rest easy man.”

Hello there fellow vapors!

Hello there guys and gals!

This is Hooka House! We will do everything vaping/E Cigarette related. If you came here from VapingUnderground, my username is creeperfan5236. I have a few things on me to review, so look forward to that. If you have any questions, email me at hookahhouse5236@gmail.com If you wish to do some sort of group review, email me or PM me on the forums. I’m up for doing a review for others sites and vice versa. So, let’s all gear up for the vapecalypse and get our vape on!